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Seâdet-i Ebediyye Endless Bliss Second Fascicle

Seâdet-i Ebediyye Endless Bliss Second Fascicle

Translations of letters from Imam-i Rabbani's Maktubat and Sayyid Abdulhakim Arwasi's books. Subjects include kinds of hadiths, justice, qada, qadar, madhhabs, bid'ats, fiqh, shafa'at, corrupt religions, Islam&Science and various aspects of sufism.

The Turkish original of the book Se’âdet-i Ebediyye consists of three parts, all of which add up to more than a thousand pages.

We have translated most of the book into English and have published sixindividual fascicles.

Se’âdet-i Ebediyye is a book prepared according to the Hanafî Madhhab. There is not a bit of knowledge or a word which does not confirm the creed of Ahl-i Sunnat and wa’l Jamâ’at in this book.

This is the second fascicle. We pray for the help of Allâhu ta’âlâ so that we may have it reach our dear readers.