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Women in Islam / islamic_feminism

May Allah reward you for this.. aameen.

Shabeer Mohd / shabeer_km__

Hakikat kitabevi🤩

Turkish people are so good. You provide free books. That's quite good. Our people usually order books Hakikat kitabevi🤩

Shaukat Noman / nomaanshaukat

A good initiative has been started on your behalf I really d it, not only all the Muslim brothers would your initiative work. I appreciate it, May Allah bless you and your team members. May Allah be your helper.

Shahnaz Ali / shahnazali04

Will follow ur videos and read the books Inshallah

Thank you so much...have gone through few videos..good and impressive. Feeling proud of you for such good intiative..will follow ur videos and read the book Inshallah..,🤲

Zeeshan_Alvi / zeeshan_design_stuff

I read the proof of prophethood and ethics in islam. It's quite good effort you guys are doing. May allah reward you for your efforts.

Bushra Sayyed💞💞💞 / xx_asmara

Awesome page 👌👌


SubhanAllah, I’ve downloaded one of them and InshaAllah I’ll read it soon.

syd_rehan7 / S+R+7🌐 (❤️سيد ريحان⭐️)

I really appreciate ur work may Allah guide all of us and make us successful Ameen.

SAMEER RAZA KHAN001 / sameer_raza_khan001

May Allah bless you and bless you in your knowledge ‎بارك الله فيك وبارك في علمك



Jazakallah khair to start this good service. May Allah bless you