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ماشاء الله الله ينور عليكم ويزيدكم علما

اخيكم من موقع رييل ستورى احيكم على هذا الطرح

Meram Ibrahim

Doing such a great job keep it up barekallah. Mashallah jazakum allahu kharien.

Dwiki atoy Sayoga

Im starting learning islam more

Im starting learning islam more and im so glad meet your website

iamsmsaqib S.M.S

All is great with thr grace of ALLAH

I have gone through your website and stuff. But the problem is that your podcast that many people listen to is not in english. I have downloaded the ones in english and have been listening to them morning. On the part of the podcast it is easier to as it keeps on working in the background. If you resolve that then all is great with thr grace of ALLAH(SWT).


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Ali Rıza Özaydın


Bu hizmetleri insanlık alemine sunanlardan Allahü Teala sonsuz kere razı olsun. Bu kıymetli eserlere kavuşmayı ve okumayı nasip ettiği için rabbil alemin olan Allahımıza (celle celalühü) sonsuz kere hamd-ü senalar olsun.



I’ve downloaded all 23 books in English. I’ll read them in free time.



أريد الفائدة

Ameerah Aaeshah Daawud

Keep the good work👍
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