Final Iman or Islam

iamsmsaqib S.M.S

All is great with thr grace of ALLAH

I have gone through your website and stuff. But the problem is that your podcast that many people listen to is not in english. I have downloaded the ones in english and have been listening to them morning. On the part of the podcast it is easier to as it keeps on working in the background. If you resolve that then all is great with thr grace of ALLAH(SWT).

Abdoulaye moussa


Je suis intéressé


السيدة عائشة

انه تقبيق جميل


La maison d'édition des livres islamiques m'a interressé

Si l'on pouvait écouter l'émission en français serait bienvenue.Que DIEU nous GUIDE


Allah razı olsun ebeden daima🌹 Hizmetde daim eylesin.

Dim.. / diman_rm

it is a wonderful job👍 i will support you..


Mashallah .. May “Allah subhanawutaala” bless you people for sharing such precious knowledge among us .. JazakAllah..Ameen

امية مخاط


الهم صلي وسلم على نبينا

Asiya Anggi / asiyauanggi_

Maas Allah thank you so much,, I do not know how to extend my gratitude..

Aisha Kabeer / itz_baby__

Jaxakallahu khairan

I love reading Islamic books and getting to know more about Islam.