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S/N Kelime Kitap Sayfa
1 Imân, worships, halâl and harâm. 11
2 Those who die before having heard of Islam will not go to Hell. 11
3 All Prophets ‘’alaihimussalawâtu wa-t-teslîmât’ communicated the same îmân. 65
4 Justice, wisdom, halâl and harâm, îmân, qadâ and qadar 68
5 What do ‘tafsir’ and ‘hadîth’ mean? Who is called Islamic savant? 91
6 Kinds of hadîths, and the savants of hadîth 109
7 What does the world mean? Is the world evil? 115
8 Warn’ and taqwâ. Avoiding sins. 118
9 Superiority of Islamic scholars. Respecting them. 121
10 Savants will harm Islam if they do not unite. 123
11 Those evil men of religion who make knowledge a means for earning what is worldly. 125
12 Excessive disbelievers; those who torment Muslims. 128
13 Man has been created in need. The importance of namâz and fasting. 132
14 Man is both far from Allah and close to Allah. 135
15 Gratitude to Allâhu ta’âlâ must be shown by holding fast to Islam 137
16 There is no happiness without Islam. Islam has three parts. 138
17 It is necessary to strive to spread Islam. The way of the Ahl-i bayt. 140
18 What is Islam? Islam has been based upon social justice 140
19 Evils of the nafs-i ammara, its illness and its remedy. 143
20 Everything done by following Rasulullah stands for dhikr. 146
21 It is necessary to obey the sunnat and to avoid the bid’ats. 146
22 The first thing to be done is to cling to the sunnat and avoid the bid’ats. 152
23 It is the first duty to adhere to the sunnat. Books destructive to Islam. 156
24 Worships done perfunctorily are of no value. Salvation of the heart 157
25 Ikhlas is one of the three sections of Islam. 158
26 It is obvious that Allahu ta’ala exists and is one. 159
27 Worship is intended to obtain yaqin. Zindiqs. 164
28 He who disobeys the sunnat cannot escape going to Hell. 165
29 Of the seventy-three groups, the only one to be saved is the Ahl as-Sunnat 170
30 Beware from ignorant shaikhs. What should one’s surname be? 178
31 One should find a true master. Harms of ignorant shaikhs. 181
32 Names of Allahu ta’ala. What does create mean? 182
33 Madhhab? lmam-i A’zam Abu Hanifa.The knowledge of Fiqh. What is a 196
34 Wahhabis and the Ahl as-sunnat scholars’ answer to them. We should read valuable genuine Islamic books. We should not believe books that misguide. 216
35 Shafa’at: Helping the dead. 271
36 False Religions. 281
37 Hurufiism. Which group of the Bektashis are not Muslims? 311
38 Social justice, Socialism, Capitalism, Communism. 321
39 Answering the slanders of an enemy of Islam. 331
40 Islamic States. Why and how were Muslims made to lag behind? 352
41 Islam and science. Islam commands science. Sham scientists. 361
42 What we should avoid and what we should do. 377
43 The Nafs and the ’Aql 391
44 Glossary 397